Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Passion bullets bullet and mini-probe

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Posted on the Eden Fantasys website:

Oodles of fun for small investment

This is worth purchasing and keeping handy for spontaneous fun. Its flexibility and different possible attachments are things that you'd expect in something much more expensive.
Pros:variable uses, simple vibration is fairly quiet/discrete, low cost investment
Cons:can be noisy when using some of the variable settings, hard to disinfect

Vroom/Intensity Level: 4/5
Bee: Noise Level: 2/5

This is a fun versatile toy for a small price investment. It is one of my favorite toys to pull out since there is a lot of fun and sensation packed into a small and relatively discreet package. For my vanilla partners, it's a fun introduction to new sensations and play. For my kinkier partners, it's a great toy to pull out and use to bring extended fun outside of the bedroom. Although some of the different speeds or patterns can be a bit noisy, the simple vibration is fairly quiet and discreet which is good for public play when you and your partner want to share a naughty secret.

Both the bullet and the probe are made of firm plastic. I did not notice any particular odor. The shape of the plug makes it a good option for beginners to anal play in that it is small enough to use without causing a lot of discomfort. If you are experienced in anal play, you may find the plug to be too small and possibly too short for good p-spot stimulation. The bullet is a bit larger than standard size. While the vibration from either attachment is great, you may need to use something to hold it in place if you want to tease your partner by having him or her wear it outside of the bedroom.

I like the design of the plug. Being smooth and rigid, it's easy to insert into the anus. Since it is a relatively small plug, it is great for newbies to anal stimulation. The bullet can be used in a variety of places on the body, not just the clitoris. The cords are a good length. If desired the cords are long enough to go from a pocket around clothing for discrete fun when outside of the bedroom.

There are seven settings for vibration and pattern, which is something that you expect in a much pricier product. I was hard pressed to find a vibration I didn't like. Changing settings is easy using the push buttons on the controller. Whether using this for solo play or with a partner, this is a great product because of its versatility.

This is not a water proof product and, although the bullet and probe are made of rigid non porous material, I would not recommend sharing them between partners since it is virtually impossible to truly sanitize them because of the cords. You can use a good toy cleaner for normal clean up, but I would recommend having individual toys for each person. On the plus side, you can mix and match any mini plug attachment with the vibrator and it works just wonderfully.

The packaging is strictly a functional clamshell designed to hold the product for display. The instructions are minimal but this toy is relatively simple and straightforward as to its use. The battery compartment has the usual raised diagram showing how the batteries should be placed.

The only downside to this product is that it takes four batteries to power it and they are good for about eight hours of play. I strongly suggest using rechargable batteries with this and taking the batteries out in between uses.

My experience with this product (and I've owned it for about a year now) is that it is one of the most flexible toys in my arsenal. I went out and purchased additional attachments so I could use this on a regular basis with one of my boyfriends for those times when I want to give him a taste of the sensation play he gives me. I will put the plug in his ass and the controller in his pocket and will occasionally pull it out to change the vibration and then just casually grab him just to enjoy watching him jump. Of course he does the same to me.

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